Parachute cord is a useful and vital accessory to any camping journey tool. Paracord presents itself nylon rope that is fast drying and immune mildew and mold, corrosion and UV destruction. It was found extremely effective in a wide range of issues.

The first appearance of this device was while using it during The Second World War. US military paratroopers found this device useful for many other tasks.

Paracord is widely used in a wide range of situations. Normal uses for the paracord consist of protecting goods, although the threads of the inner core “the guts” can be removed and used as sewing thread to make repairs etc.

Nowadays wide range used cord is helpful almost everywhere beginning from household duties ending with outdoor adventures!Today anyone can buy paracord belts, key chains, bracelets and many other accessories made of different paracord colors and braiding styles!

Because of its great strength, resiliency and flexibility, cord 550 was used to fix the Hubble Space Telescope!

Use paracord for:

· Ridgeline for Tarps/Bashers · Restraints
· Shoe & Bootlaces · Tourniquet
· Repairing Equipment · Bottle Holder
· Securing Equipment · Zipper Pulls
· Securing Equipment · Guylines
· Hanging Food from Bears · Washing Lines
· Making a Fire Bow · Handle Wrapping
· String for a Bow · Trail Marking
· Shelter Making · Surfing \ Snowboarding leashes
· Hammock Making · Kite Surfing \ Wind Surfing
· Fish Nets · Boating
· Snares/Traps · Whip Making
· Weapon Straps · Binding